Two 4” Valentines Pre-Order

Two 4” Valentines Pre-Order


Let's Get Romantic!


Valentines Day Pre-Order is open! Ordering is open until 2/11 at noon and will be available 02/13 for pick up at 515 State Street or meet up in Latham.

  • Valentines Day Flavors

    my strawberry valentine:



    strawberry rose petal & pistachio wc:

    strawberry white chocolate & rose petal cheesecake on a pistachio crust. topped with whipped cream.


    strawberry champagne creme brulee:

    strawberry & champagne cheesecake. bruleed & topped with champagne poached strawberries.


    chocolate covered strawberry:

    strawberry cheesecake stuffed with a chocolate covered strawberry & topped with whipped cream & chocolate ganache.


    strawberry red velvet oreo:

    strawberry red velvet cheesecake stuffed with oreo chunks on an oreo crust. topped with whipped cream.

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